KUALA LUMPUR, 13 July 2007 - University College Sedaya International (UCSI) is sponsoring 10,000 copies of The Star newspapers to 40 schools in various locations around Peninsular Malaysia.

The schools benefiting from this sponsorship include 10 Chinese Independent schools and 30 national secondary schools, some of which are located in the states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis and Kedah.

According to UCSI’s Vice-President of Business Development, Mr. Moses Ling Wei, “On my trips to various schools I have found that local students are still unable to communicate properly in English. Some of them may be able to write essays and pass their written tests, but when it comes to verbal communication, they are inclined to shy away. This inclination is most prevalent among students who are less fortunate and who come from non-English speaking homes.” “This sponsorship of newspapers to the schools by UCSI is to help students to improve their command of the English language by making available English reading materials,” said Ling. According to Ling, the Star-NIE (Newspaper-in-Education) programme provides teachers guidelines and tools to encourage students to speak English but the school is responsible for ensuring a suitable environment for learning and successful delivery of the lessons. Ling urged principals and teachers from recipient schools to fully utilise the newspapers as a teaching tool. Ling also urged students to make full use of the sponsorship. He said that he had personally experienced difficulty in mastering the English language, but sheer determination to master the language finally surpassed fear and shyness. 
He emphasised that UCSI as an institution of higher learning believes it has a corporate social responsibility to support students at an early age as the younger generation is the future of the nation. Ling added, “English communication is an essential tool for the nation to remain globally competitive. That is why, as future leaders, our youth have to master the language.” Ling also said that UCSI is very supportive of the drive to promote English language skills among Malaysian school children. He added, “UCSI, in collaboration with FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority), had recently hosted 100 FELDA scholars for a one-week intensive English course conducted by the UCSI-based London English Academy (LEA). Students were taught by native English speakers from the academy and were able to experience life on campus.” 
In a simple ceremony attended by principals and students from selected schools at UCSI today, Ling presented a mock cheque to Mr. Jimmy Poey, Manager from The Star’s Circulation Department, for the sponsored newspapers


"Without prejudice to the rights of UCSI the information herein is correct at the time of printing and UCSI reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice."

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