Kuala Lumpur, 18 November 2011 - UCSI University recently held an “Inaugural Annual Vice Chancellor and Distinguished Guests’ Lecture Series” as the flagship event of its 25th anniversary rolling celebrations. The University’s Faculty of Management and Information Technology had the honour of organising this year’s lecture series, themed “Corporate Lifecycle: Leadership and Strategy.” 

In his opening speech, Dr Robert Bong, Vice Chancellor of UCSI University said that this lecture series which would be organised annually by various faculties within the University would benefit the audience with the vast knowledge and experience from renowned speakers the world over. The lecture series also aimed at updating its participants on current issues, especially on the aspects of management, education, economy and social well-being. 

Mr Pavlo Sheremeta, President and Institute Senior Fellow of the Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (BOS), was the key-note speaker for this lecture series. With a wealth of experience on consultation with companies like PrivatBank, Nadra Bank and others, Mr Sheremeta shared with the audience his years of research work on the dynamics between strategy and leadership at different phases of the corporate lifecycle. 

Stressing the importance of the role of management and the purpose of the managerial process in each organisation, he also shared the PAEI Management Styles, a theory which enables us to learn to assess people’s management style quickly and easily, examining how different personality styles interact in the workplace. By identifying this, we can improve our communication with our co-workers to ultimately improve the departments’ overall performance. The four roles highlighted were Producer, Administrator, Entrepreneur, and Integrator. 

Mr Sheremeta also encouraged participants to make the connections between PAEI and how it could make a difference in the work place. To deal with a variety of situations effectively and efficiently, managers and leaders need to balance between all the four styles. 

Overall, this lecture series focused on the importance of the inevitable phases that corporations go through over time in their natural course of development. Each of these phases presents different challenges that the management needs to deal with. 

This inaugural annual event is hoped to be a good start for staff and students to embark on a series of enriching learning experiences that would eventually reflect the University’s direction to becoming a ‘Praxis University’. 

With a 25-year track record of excellence, UCSI University is redefining convention with its ‘Praxis University’ approach. Designed by practitioners for future practitioners, students will be exposed to unique work-based learning modules to assimilate the acquisition of professional experience with their studies. 


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