Kuala Lumpur, 28 November, 2010 - UCSI University’s Masters in Business Administration (MBA) students presented their case study today to demonstrate to the public, which also included industrial experts, their application of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) tools and values covered in their syllabus. It was the first time that a case presentation by MBA students was made open to the public to provide them with a better understanding of BOS. 

The students were judged by UCSI University’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Robert Bong, and by UCSI Blue Ocean Regional Centre’s Senior Director of Training and Consulting and Director of International Marketing, Peter Tan and Peter Ting. 

The MBA students were divided into three teams, with each team being responsible for one industry client. Their clients who were from across various industries included curtain maker and designer, Bagus Curtain; an engineering firm, ABS Engineering and Trading; and a timber flooring expert, Pan Majestic Holding Sdn. Bhd. 

For 14 weeks prior to the case presentation, each team conducted intensive research on their clients, while also serving as consultants to them on Blue Ocean Strategy tools and principles. Ultimately, it was the team led by final year MBA student Audrey Sin on Pan Majestic Holding Sdn. Bhd., which won the best presentation for their case study. 

According to the students, the project enabled them to not only learn about the BOS tools theoretically, but also to implement them in a real setting as well. “UCSI is the only University that I know of which offers MBA students this opportunity!” says Sin. 

Driven by Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) principles, UCSI University’s Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme is enhancing its syllabus to include a Blue Ocean Strategy component which is unique to the region. As the only MBA course which enables its students to practice what they have learnt and conduct live consultancy for industries, this event represents a live preview of one such student-managed consultancy presentation. 

UCSI University’s MBA programme students have the distinct advantage of learning BOS tools and values directly from the UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre that is located at the University’s Kuala Lumpur campus. This facilitates the students to tap directly to the expert leaders at the Centre to enable them to acquire first-hand knowledge in BOS tools and its applications.