UCSI University students sweep prizes at the KSL bridal competition cum exhibition

JOHOR BARU: Recently, a bridal competition cum exhibition was held at KSL City Mall and Hotel (KSL) – themed ‘Victorian High Tea Time’ – and was the ideal platform for students from UCSI University’s De Institute of Art and Design (DIAND) to express their creativity through stunning wedding designs. 

The event was held in conjunction with KSL’s ‘One Love Wedding Expo’ and visitors were dazzled by the showcase of vibrant designs and the leggy models who sashayed up and down the runway. 

It was a stunning victory for DIAND when three of their young designers made a clean sweep of the prizes – with student Kang Chee Vie leading the win with her “Victorian tea time in the garden”-inspired wedding dress. 

Kang impressed the judges with her extensive use of hand-stitched flowers – that complemented the high-neck top and gave her dress much Victorian flair. 

“When I think of ‘tea time’ during the Victorian era, I would picture the ladies having their tea in the gardens,” Kang enthused. 

“This is the reason I chose flowers, the ‘shape of the cup’ and floral textures as a significant part of my design.”

First runner-up Worood Abdul Karim, on the other hand, had a different twist to her dress and was inspired by classic designs that accentuated its wearer’s sophistication and femininity. 

While the black-laced gloves and belt stood out in bold contrast to her otherwise white wedding dress, it was this unique combination that led her to clinch the award. 

As for second runner-up Kong Ai Yee, she was inspired by the film ‘Marie Antoinette’ and applied exquisite detailing to her design to emphasise the wealth of the Queen of France in that era. 

“I’m tremendously proud of my students. They have dedicated much time and effort to this competition, and I’m happy they’re able to reap the fruits of their labour,” said head of DIAND’s Fashion Design department Nur Mashita Bt. Kamalun Ariffin. 

In line with DIAND’s commitment to educational excellence, undergraduates of the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and Marketing are highly encouraged to participate in competitions and industry projects, to name a few, under the guidance of their lecturers. 

And such industry-related activities not only provide avenues for students to enhance their skills, creativity and professionalism but also ensure that the students are industry-ready. 

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