UCSI University at the 13th MPS-USM Pharmacy Scientific Conference 2017

The 13th MPS-USM Pharmacy Scientific Conference 2017 successfully took place at the Bayview Beach Hotel, Penang from 3 – 5 Nov 2017. The Guest of Honour for the opening ceremony was the Senior Director of the Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Services Division. There was a total of four plenary lectures and four symposium talks, along with five knowledgeable speakers invited to present topics of current interests, and a total of 49 oral and 66 poster presentations. At the foyer, 12 companies took up booths to exhibit their products and services to update the participants.

Representing UCSI University (UCSI) was Assistant Professor Dr Anand Gaurav, Mr Osama Helweh and Assistant Professor Dr Jeetendra Singh Negi, led by the UCSI’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dean Professor Dr Yeoh Peng Nam and Deputy Dean Assistant Professor Dr Mogana Sundari Rajgopal. Assistant Professor Dr Anand’s oral presentation titled ‘Shared feature pharmacophore model for PDE10A inhibitors’ earned him a silver medal during the conference. Assistant Professor Dr Jeetendra also participated in the poster presentation where he presented his work titled ‘A novel controlled ionic gelation method for development of chitosan nanoparticles’. Mayasah Al-Nema, UCSI MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry student who was also present at the conference, presented a poster titled ‘Ligand based pharmacophore modeling of phosphodiesterase inhibitors’. Congratulations to the team for their active participation in the conference and for their best efforts for bringing glory to the University. 

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