UCSI Wins Platinum In InSIDE 2020

UCSI wins Platinum in InSIDE 2020

UCSI Lecturers Salini Devi Rajendran, Assistant Professor Ts Dr Siti Norida Binti Wahab (Department of Logistics Management, Faculty of Business Management) and Assistant Professor Dr Yeap Swee Pin (Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering) emerged as Platinum winners in the recent InSIDE 2020. This competition was organised by University of Malaya with the core purpose of sharing the creativity, innovation or design in the educational system.

Salini, Siti Norida and Yeap won the award by presenting their innovation in teaching Logistics courses. They incorporated interest-based assignments to replace the conventional paper-based assessment. In particular, in the course named ‘Issues in Logistics Industry’, students are required to participate in an innovative challenge whereby they need to innovate a variety of physical devices that would be useful in the field of Logistics.

In the course named ‘Material Management’, students are required to participate in a waste recycling activity for fundraising. The collected fund was donated to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. Both assignments were given marks by the panel (i.e. lecturers and industrial partners) based on a properly designed rubric.

The InSIDE 2020 competition ran virtually from 12-14 April 2020 and the results were released on 22nd May. Aside from being awarded the Platinum medal, the team also emerged as finalist for Best Innovator Award.