UCSI Wins Silver Medal at 5th TLIF 2019

Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment’s Assistant Professor Dr Yu Lih Jiun along with Professor Dato’ Dr Ahmad Ibrahim and Wan Zailah Wan Said won the Silver Medal at the 5th Teaching and Learning Innovation Festival (TLIF) 2019. The Festival was organised by Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CeTal), Universiti Teknologi Petronas on 4 October 2019.

Their paper title was “Implementation of Experiential Learning Based Assignment in Engineering Management Course”.  It discussed the application of new teaching and learning pedagogy in the course “Engineering Economics and Management”.

Previously, the course was taught using conventional methods, which involved class lectures and writing assessments. Now, the application of experiential learning methods to enhance student’s learning experience is employed.

There was a total of 300 engineering students enrolled in the course and the effectiveness of teaching and learning outcomes were compared before and after applying the new method.  Results indicated that students had hands-on practice in the full cycle of the business experience to conduct a 1-day business activity such as a bazaar, starting from planning, execution, correction and action.

This study included two semesters to examine the application of experiential learning and its impact on the students who enrolled in the course. In general, engineering core subjects focus more on technical knowledge. Thus, students do not realise the importance of entrepreneurship and are not interested in the studies of economics and management.

As part of the outcome of implementing new teaching and learning methods, the students enjoy the learning process more and are more engaged in the studies of entrepreneurship. Their grades also improved after the implementation of the new method.

“The instructors demonstrated excellent teamwork in co-teaching. The success of this project is a motivating factor to the team, to continue contributing in excellent teaching and learning,” said Dr Yu.

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