UCSI Wins Silver Medal in SLICE 2018 Competition

UCSI was awarded the silver medal for excellence in Category D (Academia/Industry Professionals) of the Selangor Innovation and Creativity Exposition 2018 (SLICE 2018).

The event held at University Selangor (UNISEL) between 14-16 November 2018 was jointly organised by UNISEL and the Selangor government and was a platform for various parties including academia, researchers and students to showcase new products and innovation.  

The main objective of SLICE 2018 was to stimulate and attract local and student researchers to implement scholarly activities and inculcate innovation among participants.

It was also meant to promote an understanding of IR4.0 among participants by creating a space for new innovators and visitors to exchange opinions and views on ideas and innovation.

Several universities, NGO’s as well as private companies from Selangor and neighbouring regions participated in the event. A competition comprising of four categories was concurrently organised to select the best products or innovation at the exhibition.

The participation for each category were as follows: Category A (School Students) with 16 entries, Category B (Higher Education Students) with 67 entries, Category C (NGO/Community Association) with 3 entries and the final category which is Category D (Academia/Industry Professionals) with 52 entries.

UCSI participated in Category B and Category D, sending two teams for the competition. Our teams presented two different projects themed at achieving Sustainable Development Goal 11 of Sustainable Cities and Communities.

For category B, UCSI students Tee Wen Sheng and Soh Qi Hao entered a project entitled “Smart River Bank Management Through Hanging Boat and Trash Net Concept” which is the first system that combines the methods of hanging boats and trash trap strategies which help to generate a high economic activity as well as reduce the pollution in the river area.

The hanging boat concept with the trash net sensor is a tool developed towards reducing the river pollution level in Malaysia thus boosting up the riverbank utilisation as one of the new tourism attraction centres.

For Category D, Dr Rohana Sham and Dr Amir ‘Aatieff of UCSI with collaborators from UTHM and UITM entered a project entitled “Developing A Pollution Free Environment Through Ubiquitous Community Sharing Intelligent Garbage Disposal App”.

Using the Internet of Things (IoT), the app was designed to reduce the pollution level   in order to generate better and healthy living for society. A suitable sensor can be installed near a polluted river, or any other area which is exposed to high pollution that will feed data into the app.

The app was meant to measure the amount of rubbish or pollution based on the type of sensors attached before the alert system sends the alert to the respective person or authority in-charge.

Essentially, SLICE 2018 was organised to nurture an innovative creative culture targeted at boosting the socio-economic level of the people of Selangor. Overall, it was a beneficial event and one that encouraged creativity and innovation in all spheres of life. 

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