Kuala Lumpur, 19 November 2003 - With the Raya festive season round the corner, there is nothing better to build friendships than for a group of musicians visiting the local Fire and Rescue Station.

Today, music coordinator of UCSI (University College Sedaya International), Isaac Chia led a group of talented music students over to the Taman Segar Fire and Rescue Station, which is just a stone’s throw from the UCSI campus in Taman Segar.

They mesmerized their audience with a repertoire of songs, mainly pop and jazz genre, include among others included, “Invitation”, “They can’t take that away from me”, “Shaker’s Song” and “Europa.”

The students later added a few more songs, including a piece by Kris Dayanti, requested by the personnel at the Fire & Rescue Station.

Personnel at the Taman Segar Fire and Rescue Services were apparently delighted and were entertained by the students. “It is very rare that we get visits of this nature,” said one of the fire officers, who preferred not to be named.

Chia said that UCSI as a whole seeks to build good relations with the firemen at the Fire and Rescue Services Department. “They have to work through the fasting month,” he said. “Although it is not appropriate to bring food along for our Muslim friends, music will hopefully cheer them up.”

Chia said this also provided opportunities for music students to perform in public places. “From time to time, we will organize visits like this to allow opportunities for interaction with other people in our community,” he said.

Chia is hopeful that UCSI carolers which he is in the midst of planning will be invited to perform in public places, including shopping malls. (Interested, contact Isaac Chia at 03-91329326 (ext 172)).