Why study foundation at UCSI?

The pride of success is attained from perseverance, audacity, and a strong devotion to the things you want to see become. Often, a formal qualification is associated in the preliminary steps of building your “dream future”.

Thus, the first step must be comprehensive, specific, and driven towards the right pathway in giving you the prerequisite knowledge and skills needed to thrive.

That’s precisely what UCSI University’s foundation years are for!

At UCSI, foundation courses are divided to arts and science with specific pathways to over 120 academic programmes. Generally, it is a year-long introductory programme with three semesters designed to allow students build the knowledge, skills, and confidence before embarking on a 3-year undergraduate programme.

UCSI’s foundation year also shapes students towards adjusting to the academic settings of a degree programme to ensure they are prepared and able to hit the ground running, allowing individuals to achieve maximum potential.

Aside from being an institution that holds truly towards the concept of providing a wholesome education experience and global career prospect to its students, you may ask – Why choose UCSI? Here’s why.

Excellent Lecturers

Over 70% of UCSI’s lecturers teaching the foundation courses are equipped with the PhD qualification, thus, giving students the right guidance, and mentoring towards achieving a higher level of mindset as they move on to the degree years.

More than 50% of them are also trained by UCSI in Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Teaching (PGDTT) to ensure the method lessons are delivered is done effectively and efficiently. Lecturers equipped with PGDTT are able to understand students better and would know ways to keep lessons constantly engaging.

Extensive Subjects Selection

The foundation programmes consist of elective subjects, and choices of these subjects are often limited at most higher learning institutions. But, at UCSI, there a total of 24 and 26 electives respectively for the Arts and Science streams. With more options to choose from, students will be able to select their choice of subjects and excel. In other words, your foundation programme can be customised to ensure you get the best education from the beginning of your university life.

The Foundation of Success

In the past, students who had begun their academic journey at UCSI from the foundation level, have had the experience to embark on high impact research programmes during their degree years at some of the world’s top universities.

These universities include Harvard, Imperial College, Tsinghua, British Columbia, Queensland, and Nihon Pharmaceutical, among others. This proves that UCSI’s foundation programmes are of international standards in paving the way for students to excel academically beyond Malaysian borders.

With a good academic footing comes a good career outcome. In a recent research by the Higher Education Ministry, 99.8% of UCSI’s degree programmes attained a 100% employment rating. The high acceptance rate speaks volumes about UCSI, and it illustrates the quality of education the university provides from the foundation level onwards.

Ranking Matters

UCSI is ranked as one of the world’s top 350 universities after being ranked 347 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. Earlier this year, in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021, UCSI’s Institute of Music emerged as the world’s top 50 in the field of performing arts.

Its Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management was ranked as the world’s top 100 for hospitality and leisure management, Faculty of Engineering was ranked as the world’s top 150 for petroleum engineering, and Faculty of Business Management was ranked as one of the world’s top 300 business school in the world in the same exercise.

The university has been steadily rising over the last four years in the QS World University Rankings’ exercises. This is a testament to the university’s rising global recognition in giving students reputable academic qualifications that are of exceptional standards.

100% Scholarships

At UCSI, students may apply to obtain up to 100% scholarship for those who had scored 9A+ in the recent SPM examination. In addition to that, the university would waive off all other tuition fees on a case-by-case basis for such students whose parents were experiencing financial constraints from the Covid-19 pandemic.

UCSI has set aside RM30 million to provide scholarships and bursaries to excellent students, including those who thrived in sports.

Another notable initiative which UCSI has adopted over the years is the Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) session whereby senior students would assist their juniors in their studies. This personalised session, held within the campus’ vicinity, enables junior students to learn from their seniors outside classrooms. The university also provides the mentor-mentee system. Like PAL, the mentor-mentee system is a special consultation session with a lecturer each week.

These are just a microcosm of what UCSI has to offer. If you feel you have what it takes to succeed, enrol in our foundation programme to prove yourself right!


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