Postgraduate Student Publications


NoJournal Articles TitleJournalAuthors
1 A review of intelligent ship marine object detection based on RGB cameraIET Image ProcessingDefu Yang, Mahmud Iwan Solihin, Yawen Zhao, Benchun Yao, Chaoran Chen, Bingyu Cai, Affiani Machmudah
2 Insight into polydopamine coating on microfiltration membrane with controlled surface pore size for enhanced membrane rejectionPolymerZhen Hong Chang, Leow Hui Ting Lyly, Yeit Haan Teow, Swee Pin Yeap, Jing Yao Sum
3Developing teaching strategies for rural school pupils’ concentration in the distance music classroomEducation and Information TechnologiesHe Jiang, Ku Wing Cheong
4Systematic review: Factors influencing creativity in the design discipline and assessment criteriaInternational Journal of Evaluation and Research in EducationDai Zetian, Wee Hoe Tan, Ren Shumin, Zhang Menglin, Mansour Amini, Wang Shoushan
5Design thinking as a case-based learning for college general education coursesMigration LettersYuanzheng Zhao, Wee Hoe Tan, Zhiying Nian, Zengkun Li, Kai Liu
6The impact of an online educational game on breast cancer awareness among university female students, Malaysia: a pilot studyBMC CancerJun Wey Andrew Tong, Mei Qi Hee
7Update on Remdesivir in the Treatment of Novel Coronavirus PneumoniaProgress in Microbes and Molecular Biology Huang Feng, K. Vijaya Lakshmi, Chin Tat Ng, Murthy Sasikumar, Masita Arip, Masriana Hassan, Voon Kin Chin, Mogana Rajagopal, Omotayo Fatokun, N. Parvathi, Malarvili Selvaraja
8Unlocking my heart: Fostering hotel brand love with service robotsJournal of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementMeijuan Wu, Garry Wei-Han Tan, Eugene Cheng-Xi Aw, Keng-Boon Ooi
9Research on the Reform of Film and Television Production Courses and Their Student Achievement Evaluation in Colleges and Universities in Shanxi Province Based on Random Forest AlgorithmApplied Mathematics and Nonlinear SciencesTianyu Shi, Vimala AP Govindasamy
10Compressive Strength of Bio-Fibrous ConcreteAdvances in Civil Engineering MaterialsDeshvinder Kaur, Samatar Hassan, Rowena Richard, Badraan Abdalla, Saeed Cheema, Sook Kee Chong, Hok Chai Yam, Abideenn Ganiyu, Fadilat Ayeronfe, Muyideen Abdulkareem
11Pomolic acid: A short review on its chemistry, plant sources, pharmacological properties, and patentsJournal of Applied Pharmaceutical ScienceChan, E.W.C., Ng, Y.K., Lim, C.S.S., Anggraeni, V.S., Siew, Z.Z., Wong, C.W. and Wong, S.K.
12Determination of preservatives and physicochemical properties of fruit juice-based beveragesCarpathian Journal of Food Science and TechnologyVern Mein Wong, Lejaniya Abdul Kalam Saleena, Pui Liew Phing
13Fermented dairy products from Middle Eastern and Northern African (MENA) countries: Insight on production and physiochemical characteristicsInternational Dairy JournalLejaniya Abdul Kalam Saleena, Pui Liew Phing, Ren-You Gan, Anas Al-Nabulsi, Tareq Osaili, Afaf Kamal-Eldin, Mutamed Ayyash
14Enzyme-Aided Treatment of Fruit Juice: A ReviewFood Processing: Techniques and TechnologyPui LP, Saleena LAK
15Immunomodulatory action of Lactococcus lactisJournal of Bioscience and BioengineeringLejaniya Abdul Kalam Saleena, Michelle Yee Mun Teo, Yu Hsuan How, Lionel Lian Aun In, Liew Phing Pui
16Pomolic acid: A short review on its chemistry, plant sources, pharmacological properties, and patentsJournal of Applied Pharmaceutical ScienceEric Wei Chiang Chan, Ying Ki Ng, Carine Shu Shien Lim, Vania Septa Anggraeni, Zhi Zhou Siew, Chen Wai Wong, Siu Kuin Wong
17Seasonal Variation in Food Security, LIfestyle, Nutritional Stauts and its associated Factors of the Urban Poor Adolescents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: a Research Protocol of a Prospective Cohort StudyBMC NutritionJanice Ee Fang Tay, Serene En Hui Tung, Satvinder Kaur, Wan YIng Gan, Nik Norasma Che'Ya, CHoon Hui Tan
18Food Security and Diet Quality among Urban Poor Adolescents in Kuala LumpurNutrition Research and PracticeJanice Ee Fang Tay.  Satvinder Kaur, Wui Wui Tham, Wan YIng Gan, NIk Norasma Che'Ya, Choon Hui Tan., Serene En Hui Tung
19Weight status of working adults: The effects of eating misalignment, chronotype, and eating jetlag during mandatory confinementChronobiology InternationalSatvinder Kaur, Choon Ming Ng, Shu Ying Tang & Ee Yin Kok
20Concentrating Garcinia mangostana L. rind extract using sequential ultrafltration and nanofltrationBiomass Conversion and BiorefneryPeng Guang Lim, Choon Yoong Cheok, Jing Yao Sum, Min Kaung Htet Ko Ko
21Tunable electrical resistance of polyaniline and its correlation to morphological properties and surface functional groupsPolymer InternationalWee Siang koh, Liang Fa Khaw,Swee Pin Yeap, Kiat Moon Lee,Jing Yao Sum, Pey Yi Toh
22Shape-controlled synthesis of polyaniline and its synergistic effect with reduced graphene oxide for the fabrication of flexible electrodePolymer Engineering and ScienceLiang Fa Khaw, Wee Siang Koh, Swee Pin Yeap, Jit Kang Lim, Abdul Latif Ahmad, Pey Yi Toh, Vahid Khosravi
23Synthesis and pore-scale visualization studies of enhanced oil recovery mechanisms of rice straw silica nanoparticlesGeoenergy Science and EngineeringNurudeen Yekeen a b, Sarah Novianti Salampessy b, Ayu Haslija Abu Bakar b, Muhammad Ali c, Oluwagade Adenike Okunade d, Sami Abdelrahman Musa b, Cornelius Borecho Bavoh e
24Gradient-based edge detection with skeletonization (GES) segmentation for magnetic resonance optic nerve images. Biomedical Signal Processing and ControlFeng Y, Chow LS, Gowdh NM, Ramli N, Tan LK, Abdullah S, Tiang SS. 
25Experimental and numerical analysis on suitability of S-Glass-Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites for submarine hullDefence TechnologyElango Natarajan, Lídio Inacio Freitas, M.S. Santhosh, Kalaimani Markandan,Ammar Abdulaziz Majeed Al-Talib, C.S. Hassan
26Molecular Classification, Treatment, and Genetic Biomarkers in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A ReviewTechnology in Cancer Research and TreatmentLu Boya, Natarajan Elango, Balaji Raghavendran Hanumantha Rao, Markandan Uma Devi
27A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for Efficient Maximum Power Point Tracking Under Partial Shading ConditionIEEE Transactions on Sustainable EnergyJia Shun Koh, Rodney H.G. Tan, Wei Hong Lim, Nadia M.L. Tan
28Autonomous balance control method of unmanned aerial vehicle with manipulator based on artificial intelligence algorithmSoft ComputingQinlin Li, Dan Xing, M. A. Ilyas, Nazhatul Hafizah Kamarudin2
29Progress and Insights on Graphene and MXene-based Emerging 2-Dimensional Conductive Nanomaterials for Fabrication of Flexible Gas SensorsChemBioEng ReviewsWang Fei, Yeap Swee Pin, Cheok Choon Yoong, Saidur Rahman
30A review on membrane separation in natural rubber processing: Concentration, recovery and treatmentChemical Engineering and Processing - Process IntensificationZhen Hong Chang, Leow Hui Ting Lyly, Jing Yao Sum
31Infuencing factors of Chinese EFL students’ continuance learning intention in SPOC‑based blended learning environmentEducation and Information TechnologiesLiping Jiang, Xiaodong Liang
32Effects of wood texture and color on aesthetic pleasure: two experimental studiesInternational Journal of Reconfigurable and Embedded System (IJRES)Zetian Dai, Juan Xue, Shoushan Wang
33Evolution and hotspots of peer instruction: a visualized analysis using CiteSpaceEducation and Information TechnologiesDiao Bicheng, Nadia Adnan, Madhubala Bava Harji, Latha Ravindran 
34The cultivation of children’s musical creative practical competency: A literature reviewThinking Skills and CreativityJiang He, Cheong Ku Wing, Tan Wee Hoe
35Application of Deep Learning in Computer Aided Jewelry Product DesignComputer-Aided Design and ApplicationsBin Zhu, Lingxia Pan
36How does involvement build loyalty towards music-streaming platforms? A multi-analytical SEM-ANN techniqueJournal of Product & Brand ManagementClarissa Theadora, Maria Veronica Amelia, Garry Wei-Han Tan, Pei-San Lo, Keng-Boon Ooi, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi
37Government Digital Transformation: Understanding the Role of Government Social MediaGovernment Information QuarterlyYun-Peng Yuan, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Garry Wei-Han Tan, Tat-Huei Cham, Keng-Boon Ooi, Eugene Cheng-Xi Aw, Wendy Currie
38Webrooming as the new retail experience: a smart-shopping perspectiveInternational Journal of Retail & Distribution ManagementZiQiang Wu, Eugene Cheng-Xi Aw, Stephanie Hui-Wen Chuah
39The impact of female representation and ethnic diversity in committees on environmental, social and governance performance in Malaysia.Society and Business ReviewShy Lih Wong
40The Evolution of Chinese Corporate GovernanceCorporate Social Responsibility in a Dynamic Global EnvironmentShy Lih Wong
41Social media marketing in the digital age: empower consumers to win big?Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and LogisticsSajjaad Moedeen, Eugene Cheng-Xi Aw, Mohammad Alryalat, Garry Wei-Han Tan, Tat-Huei Cham, Keng-Boon Ooi, Yogesh K. Dwivedi
42Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience in SMEs: A Deep Learning-based Approach to Managing Covid-19 Disruption Risks. Journal of Enterprise Information Management.Kai-Xiang Sun, Keng-Boon Ooi, Garry Wei-Han Tan, Voon-Hsien Lee
43Evaluation of phytochemicals and antioxidant potential of a new polyherbal formulation TC-16: additive, synergistic or antagonistic?BMC Complementary Medicine and TherapiesVi Lien Yap, Lee Fang Tan, Mogana Rajagopal, Christophe Wiart, Malarvili Selvaraja, Mun Yee Leong, Puay Luan Tan 
44Latest evidence in the pathogenesis of uterine fibroidsCurrent Trends in Biotechnology and PharmacyVi Lien Yap, Mogana R, Dharmendra K, Maha Abdullah, Malarvili Selvaraja
45Review: An overview on the pathogenesis of cervical cancerCurrent Trends in Biotechnology and PharmacyLee FangTan, Mogana Rajagopal, Malarvili Selvaraja

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