Wong Fu Hou |  

Master in Science (Biotechnology)

The best part of my Master program had taught me a lot of knowledge that not only in theory part and also improved my scientific knowledge and research skills. In my research project which using a molecular technique to identify bacteria in the water of Aquaponics. From this research, it has opportunities for me to apply the theory learned from the lecture to generate new knowledge through research.  The lectures also are very high quality and share their expert knowledge during the lecture.

This course also helps me to improve my scientific writing in journals. Be a researcher, research not only to gained knowledge for self-satisfaction, it also needs to publish to share the research knowledge to the community to let other researcher or reader learn together and improve better for future. 

Abbirami Balachandran |  

Master of Science (MSc) Biotechnology

Personally, this course has guided me in carving my career path as a budding researcher. Not only it has dramatically improved my scientific skills and knowledge, I was able to expand my network with other internal and external lecturers through lectures. As a researcher, I have learned through this programme that without networking, the research field would not be what it is today. Each lecture in this programme was taught by experts in their respective fields and were of high quality. Apart from this, the valuable group discussions that I had during these lectures have driven me to indulge further into research.

The major highlight of my MSc programme has been the research community at UCSI University. The research team consisting of lecturers and senior PhD and MSc students were always selfless when it comes to assisting any student in ways to enhance their development. I had the opportunity to obtain feedback of my research from various members of the team and not only are they warm and welcoming but their inputs have allowed me to improve the quality of my research. In my opinion, perseverance is the key to becoming a sound researcher and UCSI has made it possible for me to achieve my goals effortlessly.

Wan Pik Ki |  

Master in Applied Science, By Research

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” Those are the words that push me to who I am today. It is definitely not an easy road when I decided to further my study and to step out of my comfort zone. It is true on the saying “no pain, no gain!” Throughout my master degree in UCSI University, I have learned to be independent and never give up. I experienced many failures and do not get the results I wanted. Likewise, I learned to strive further, do more literature studies and solve the problems I encountered. I am grateful for all the opportunities given to me by my supervisor and the university, where I get to participate in many scientific conferences (international and national), research symposiums and scientific talks. All these opportunities have shaped me to do better in research and improve my communication skills. Besides that, working in a sharing lab with other postgraduate candidates also enhances my knowledge and thinking ability as I get to share and exchange ideas with my lab colleagues. Also, I am thankful to especially my supervisor, Dr. Grrace Ng (UCSI University) and my co-supervisors, Dr. John Lan (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan) and Dr. Yim (UCSI University) for their continuous guidance, advices and encouragement during my master study. They constantly provide me useful and practical voice of notes and guide me to the right directions. Lastly, it is definitely not just about the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my master degree in UCSI University, but also the experiences and opportunities that were given to me thus far to make my 2 years master degree a worthwhile, yet, memorable one. 

Bo Zhuang Mian |  

MSc. Applied Sciences, by Research

The best part of my MSc programme has been the research opportunities available where I had the chance to involve in every part of the study, for instance, act as liaison between study sponsors, study subjects and members of the research team, purchasing study materials, designing study protocol, collecting samples and perform laboratory analysis. These experiences equipped me with the important technical knowledge and interpersonal skills, which have given me the confidence to embark in new challenges and prepared me for the future working environment. Besides, scholarships and funding to attend and present at conferences are readily available which allowed me to have access to higher education without worries. Lastly, the great supervisions from lecturers have stretched my experiences and abilities and positively influenced who I am today. 

Nathaniel Ninyio |  

MSc Biotechnology

I chose a different university (i.e. UCSI University) for my postgraduate studies because it provides a conducive learning and research environment and there are lecturers with varied qualifications in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. 

My course of study (Master’s in Biotechnology by coursework) basically comprises 40 credits of coursework on different aspects of biotechnology, research planning and academic communication as well as 8 months of research. Generally, my research focuses on providing alternative methods to control bacterial infections apart from antibiotic therapy. At the end of this course, I would have sharpened my skills as an independent researcher capable of designing and conducting a research project and then skilfully communicating my findings.

IbeChidi Michael |  


In undertaking thisprogramme, I hope to gain advanced skills in business scientific research methods and the critical thinking process, which is pertinent for an effective evaluation of existing models and theories. I hope to discover the philosophical foundations of the thoughts behind the current practices adopted in business and public administration. 

A DBA in UCSI University will aid my ability to contribute meaningfully towards solving business world problems.

Daniel Yii Shiing Kai |  


I chose to pursue my master’s degree in the same university i.e. UCSI University due to its unique and flexible course structure. The MBA course here is an integration of Blue Ocean Strategy modules – the major differentiator from other MBA course provider. The lectures are organised after working hours and the selection of customised modules boldly underscore the flexibility of the course structure. In addition to this, UCSI University provides quality lecturers and excellent facilities that maximise my study experience. 

I choose to become a full-time student due to two main reasons: (1) affordable fees and I received MyMaster Scholarship from the government; and (2) to ensure a more comprehensive learning process. The benefit of full-time studying is the flexible learning experience. For example, I can meet with lecturers during office hours. However, the main challenge of studying full-time is the heavy workload but I believe this can be overcome through enhanced time management abilities.