Koh Yung Jing |  

MSc in Technopreneurship

UCSI's exceptional faculty and innovative curriculum in the MSc in Technopreneurship that have transformed my learning journey. the real-world focus and supportive environment propelled me towards academic excellence and personal growth. Proud to be a part of this remarkable experience.

Chaw Kam Heng |  

Industrial PhD in Engineering

My research on Establishment of Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Conveyor” focused on the development of a predictive maintenance (PdM) model that is able to predict long term future failures that can help in maintenance decision making and scheduling in a manufacturing industry.

The program has greatly widened my technological knowledge & influenced my business' direction. The program opened up a new opportunity within my company by setting up a new software division in MODU Group. I foresee the software in manufacturing could be the next BIG thing within Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).

Ang Koon Meng |  

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)

Through UCSI PhD programme, I learned conducting design of experiment in product development, demonstrating my value in developing automated software tools to improve the efficiency in performing data analysis in our daily tasks. To date, I have published more than 20 over research papers. Furthermore, through conferences, presentations, and sharing forums, I also improve my communication skills that are essential in the current workplace for presentations and demonstrations.

Hamzeh Marwan Allujami |  

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) - PDEEG

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to UCSI University for helping me at each and every step during my study. The UCSI provided me the best possible platform and infrastructure to pursue my academic career interest. UCSI has given me amazing opportunities to learn, grow and explore my skills. I would like to thank UCSI and all faculties and staff for making me a better person.

Qi Ling |  


Professors are very kind and generous on dealing with students but seriously treating academic aspects. Courses are very beneficial, for example, the course Performance Practice Seminar. And recitals, masterclasses and lectures are often held in UCSI Imus. 

Guo Chun |  


I want to say that studying in UCSI is a very important and precious experience on my life. It has an important impact on my future learning career and life planning. International students will face many problems when they come to a country with completely different culture and languages, but after coming to UCSI, when I saw all the teachers who are amiable and knowledgeable. I was suddenly full of expectations for my future study and life. In terms of learning, I feel the high professional ability and rich professional literacy of teachers. It can be said that through this year's learning, my language ability, music literacy and singing skills have improved a lot. I am very grateful to my teachers. I hope they are getting better and better. I hope that IMus has developed better and better.

Chi Hongdi |  


The leaders of Institute of Music put students first and we can feel that they are doing their best to create a good environment. The instructors teach very seriously and patiently. As a master of vocal music, I not only improved my singing skill but also learned a variety of knowledge. There is a positive atmosphere here, students communicate and collaborate with each other, and we have made many friends of different nationalities.

As an international student, I must endure missing my hometown while studying, but UCSI Institute of Music made me feel the warmth of home. Tutors not only care about students' studies, but also their lives. The classmates are very friendly and united. This is a big loving family.

This study experience at UCSI Institute of Music made me very happy and fulfilling. It is the most unforgettable experience and the most precious memory in my life. I would recommend UCSI University to everyone around me and send my best wishes to the Institute of Music.

Yang Yansen |  

Msc in Technopreneurship

This program has trained me to look at business and entrepreneurship from the perspective of information technology. Many courses have trained my ability in business planning and comprehensively cultivated my ability to become a digital entrepreneur.

Khaw Ooi San |  

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

UCSI University has provided me a platform for my academic progression, from Bachelor's to Master's, and now, to my Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). While my DBA program wasn't a smooth journey, I am appreciative of my patient and caring supervisors who made this journey both memorable and meaningful.

Yuan Yunpeng |  

Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Management

UCSI University's Graduate Business School provided an exceptional academic journey during my PhD. The rigorous yet supportive environment empowered me to excel. The PG programmes foster innovative thinking, research, and skill development. Grateful for the invaluable education that continues to shape my success.

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