Postgraduate Testimonial


I was drawn to UCSI's Postgraduate Programme because I found a research project that resonated with my interest and passion. Under Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lionel In Lian Aun's supervision he connected me with other immunotherapy experts. Dr. Lionel's project's objective was to develop an immunotoxin capable of targeting cancer cells with minimal effects on normal cells. The research project was challenging yet rewarding. As a PhD student I learned that impactful research requires a collaborative effort. I was part of the Immunotoxin team under the Cancer Immunotherapy Research Group (CIRG). UCSI University Trust Graduate Scholarship have made my dream come true, the scholarship covered all of my tuition as well as provided a monthly stipend. Good guidance, personal commitment and grit are the keys to complete my PhD. Looking back, as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow no doubt my PhD experience have equipped me with the necessary research skills and opens up more advance career opportunities.
MY FIRST JOB #1 - Dr. Michelle Teo Yee Mun
Doctor of Philosophy (Science), 2020
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (PDRF) at UCSI University

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