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Khaw Ooi San |  

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

UCSI University has provided me a platform for my academic progression, from Bachelor's to Master's, and now, to my Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). While my DBA program wasn't a smooth journey, I am appreciative of my patient and caring supervisors who made this journey both memorable and meaningful.

Yuan Yunpeng |  

Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Management

UCSI University's Graduate Business School provided an exceptional academic journey during my PhD. The rigorous yet supportive environment empowered me to excel. The PG programmes foster innovative thinking, research, and skill development. Grateful for the invaluable education that continues to shape my success.

Lim Ai Fen |  

Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Management

I am grateful to UCSI Graduate Business School for providing the Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Management program, and to UCSI University for their financial support. Additionally, I am thankful to my esteemed supervisors whose unwavering guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping my research and academic growth.

Evelyn Lau Xiao Xin |  

Master of Clinical Pharmacy Practice (MCPP)

The Master of Clinical Pharmacy Practice programme offered by UCSI University is meticulously designed to equip students with all the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in the field. The emphasis on practical training and hands-on experience has been beneficial in preparing for my professional career as a clinical pharmacist. UCSI University fosters a culture of diversity and inclusivity, with students from various backgrounds, cultures, and countries. This multicultural environment enriched my learning experience, broadened my perspectives, and equipped me with essential interpersonal skills. Overall, I can confidently say that my journey at UCSI University has been nothing short of exceptional. The university's commitment to academic excellence sets it apart from others.

Ahmad Meshaal Almokdad |  

Master of Clinical Pharmacy Practice

My two years at UCSI university were great and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. It was full of learning and grooming oneself. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learned many things. Overall it was a great experience and lifetime memory at UCSI University.

Jiang Liping |  

PhD in Education

I am very honored to be the first Ph.D. in Education graduate. Three years of study have not only yielded research achievements but also introduced me to many professional and kind-hearted professors. I hope UCSI gets better and better in the future!

Tang Leong Kong |  

Master In International Hospitality Management

UCSI's PG programme is transformative and informative. This is where we can learn to be more innovative and creative. Learning is a progress where it never ends, and I am glad that I'm able to learn with experts and helpful lecturers in UCSI.

Donna Lee Chai Hua  |  

Master In International Hospitality Management

This PG programme at UCSI University exceeded my expectations in every way. The curriculum was meticulously designed to cover all aspects of the hospitality business, from management techniques to cultural sensitivity. What truly stood out was the university's commitment to providing a global perspective. Their diverse faculty ensured a rich learning environment where I gained insights into various cultures and their impact on the industry. The program which emphasized on research has helped me develop critical thinking and analytical skills that I continue use in my career. UCSI's strong ties with industry leaders provided me with remarkable networking opportunities and a seamless transition into the professional world. Without a doubt, this program has been instrumental in my growth as a hospitality professional.

Dennis Liang |  

Master In International Hospitality

UCSI University's PG programmes provide a transformative learning experience. The faculty's expertise and industry relevance equip students with practical skills. The supportive environment fosters holistic growth. I'm grateful for the valuable insights gained, setting a strong foundation for my career.

Hong Mhinh |  

BA (Hons) Multimedia Communications, FPT University, Vietnam

I am lucky and delighted to experience studying in Malaysia. The UCSI University: FPT University English Mobility Programme is an immersive, experiential programme that exposed me to university life and Malaysian culture. UCSI University is my first experience observing university life. We learned about mastering the English language as the programme focuses on improving my communication skills both inside and outside the classroom as well as exposing me to Malaysian cultural activities. The FPT University English Mobility Programme is based on an English learning programme, and Vietnamese students get to learn through activities such as discussions, presentations and excursions. This programme also gave the students an opportunity to learn various skills both in academia as well as overall personality development, especially in mingling with students and lecturers from over 110 nationalities. I met new friends at UCSI University and plan to visit Malaysia sometime soon.