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Lye Phui Yan |  

Food Science and Nutrition

Lye Phui Yan is a Nutrition Advisor of Abbott Laboratories (M) Sdn. Bhd., a global health care company based in Shah Alam, Selangor, which specialises in paediatric nutrition, medical nutrition, consumer pharmaceutical and consumer products.

"I support the marketing department via telemarketing to identify and target their best customers, managing marketing campaigns, and generating quality leads for the sales team," said Ms Lye.

"As Nutrition Advisor, I provide professional nutrition advice to customers with the aim of improving their quality of life. Focusing on activities and programmes to gain customer’s loyalty as well as attracting new and retaining old customers is all part of the job," she elaborated.

Eng Suit Ying |  

Food Science and Nutrition

Eng Suit Ying is an R & D Executive of Stancodex Sdn. Bhd., a company with its head office in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The company's factory in Johor produces coconut cream powder, low-fat desiccated coconut and non-diary creamer.

Here is what Ms Eng has to say about her job as an R & D Executive, “My first project is to develop a coconut milk powder that will dissolve in cold water. The main aim is to export this coconut powder to the Middle East and China where people actually use coconut milk as an alternative to dairy. Hence, with this specially formulated coconut milk powder, there is no hassle in preparing a great tasting glass of coconut milk at home.”

She added, “unlike university life, my current job as R&D executive is more towards applying the theories I’ve learnt within the classroom in research and literature throughout the formulation process.” “Although I have encountered some difficulty in formulating the optimum instant properties and sensory properties, I was able to overcome it through multiple trials and each trial has inspired and motivated me to produce a better formulation. This is definitely a good learning experience and I am looking forward to other new projects to be assigned to me soon.”

Mohd Falkris Bin Jon |  

YPPB Scholars

This comprehensive programme helped me adapt to university life. The lectures and tutorials were of a very high level and this eased my transition to degree studies.

Mohd Faiz Bin Muhamad |  

YPPB Scholars

I improved my communication skills, learned other cultures and became more confident in the process. I gained a lot more than knowledge at UCSI.

Nurul Atikah Binti Ramli |  

YPPB Scholars

The teaching and administrative staff are very helpful and willing to go the extra mile. I learned a lot here.

Lina Yasmin Binti Jamaludin |  

YPPB Scholars

The UCSI environment is extremely conducive. Apart from preparing myself for my degree course, I improved my level of English and communication skills.

Umi Azleen Binti Mohamad Karim |  

YPPB Scholars

UCSI's Foundation programme is fabulous. The lecturers are dedicated and they go the extra mile to ensure their students excel. I feel blessed to be part of this awesome experience.

Nur Hajar Aswad Binti Rossli |  

YPPB Scholars

It's an awesome programme! I gained lots of new experiences and I forged lasting relationships with my friends and lecturers.

Nathaniel Ninyio |  

MSc Biotechnology

I chose a different university (i.e. UCSI University) for my postgraduate studies because it provides a conducive learning and research environment and there are lecturers with varied qualifications in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. 

My course of study (Master’s in Biotechnology by coursework) basically comprises 40 credits of coursework on different aspects of biotechnology, research planning and academic communication as well as 8 months of research. Generally, my research focuses on providing alternative methods to control bacterial infections apart from antibiotic therapy. At the end of this course, I would have sharpened my skills as an independent researcher capable of designing and conducting a research project and then skilfully communicating my findings.

IbeChidi Michael |  


In undertaking thisprogramme, I hope to gain advanced skills in business scientific research methods and the critical thinking process, which is pertinent for an effective evaluation of existing models and theories. I hope to discover the philosophical foundations of the thoughts behind the current practices adopted in business and public administration. 

A DBA in UCSI University will aid my ability to contribute meaningfully towards solving business world problems.