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Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

Unity is the strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. I feel lucky to be a part of UCSIPharmCare, which is a social service project initiated by the Year 4 students and staffs of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University. With the slogan "Hands to Serve, Hearts to Love", this project aimed to enhance the role of pharmacists in the society for total pharmaceutical care. I hope to continue various community engagement activities and services that will have a positive impact on healthcare throughout her career as a pharmacist. 


Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

I was the pioneer batch from the PRP training vis Research & Development pathway. This pathway enabled me to obtain a master degree and complete my PRP timely. As a well-established education provider, renowned for academic excellence and continuously striving for improvement; UCSI University is an obvious choice for a world class education experience. Completing your PRP Training here has been an absolutely brilliant and stimulating experience not to be missed! 

Tae Wey |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

As a community pharmacist, it is very important to learn soft skills because we deal with various patients. Lifelong learning, a culture that I obtained from UCSI is important for pharmacists, who are experts on medicine. From my experience, UCSI graduates are outstanding compared to other university graduates as we not only focus on academic activities but we also build our characters through enhancing problem-solving skills. UCSI organises many community engagement and healthcare events, which help students to prepare for professional life. 

Justin Ooi Feng Jun |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy(Hons)

B-Pharm course from UCSI has brought a tremendous impact to my life and career. It has refined me with necessary skillsets and knowledge in my role as a Industrial Pharmacist in the dynamic nature of pharmaceutical industry. With its excellent trach records, graduates from the course are generally recognized and trusted in the industry, nationally and globally.

Alvin Teo Kuo Jing |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

I gained many things at UCSI - academic excellence, industry experience and effective communication skills. The lecturers have always been supportive and they played a significant role in moulding me to I am today.

Jaya Muneswarao |  

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

At UCSI each student is armed with knowledge and tools for a successful career. The facultymembers worked very hard on our overall development and provided us with opportunities to enhance our technical and interpersonal skills. UCSi played an important role in moulding me as a competent clinical pharmacist. UCSI provided the foundation for me to be a co-author of Clinical Practice Guidelines on Management of asthma in adults and pursue my PhD.

Shin Nay Lin |  

Alumna, BSc (Hons) Mobile Computing and Networking

“Thanks to the support of the Institute, I had the chance to further my studies. It had also given me the opportunity to learn the basics and build on knowledge for my current career. There’s no doubt that the Institute will keep supporting students and pave their future while maintaining the quality of their work.”

Adam Pahlevi Baihaqi |  

Alumnus, BSc (Hons) Computing

“The lecturers truly want to see their students succeed. They would like us to not only have a wealth of knowledge but also real-life experiences. They want us to apply our knowledge in the field. UCSI University is really a praxis university, and I am glad to be an alumnus of the University.”

Lee Jie Yvin |  

BSc (Hons) Food Science & Nutrition, Northumbria University, UK

I like the learning environment here especially the library which operates 24/7. The laboratories are fully equipped and organised. Besides that, the off-campus life is interesting. IUCC has helped me a lot in terms of the application for university admission, tuition fee payment and booking accommodation.

They have provided clear guidance and makes things easier for me. The counsellor whom I spoke to was very well-versed with Northumbria University and the location of student accommodation. The only part that I wish the university can improve is that they should provide the deadline information for the early payment discount on the university website. (I couldn't even find the information on the blackboard).

Overall, everything was good and they have been very helpful to students in advising them to choose the universities that suit them the best, applying for university admission and dealing with things such as accommodation and pre-departure guide.

Ardeshir Saniee |  

BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

If I want to compare the environment here at Aukland to Malaysia, it is totally different. Most of the people who live in Auckland are studying. They are so proud of their culture that they passionately share the history of their countries to foreigners. Personally, I feel comfortable with the people and enjoy studying here as it is one of the top world’s universities.

It has been almost two months since I have set out my study in New Zealand. The cost of living and studying is much expensive for New Zealand as compared to Malaysia but in my opinion, it is really worth it.

IUCC is truly amazing. They are the people who enjoy their work and help the students from start to finish. Thank you, Ms. Jasveen and Ms. Ernie for everything. I really appreciate their help throughout these 2 years.

I really do encourage other id students to get in touch with IUCC. They can find out the best solutions to your problems in terms of studying, transferring and etc. There is no one out there can help you but IUCC.

Lastly, I would like to wish all IDP students the best of luck in their future pathway.