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Nyoman Giovani |  

Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)

Currently a piano instructor in Indonesia, Nyoman Giovani is attached to the Yamaha Music School in Palembang. Nyoman shared how she has gained so much valuable experiences in her university days at UCSI University. From organisational skills, teaching methods, new knowledge, and the act of performing.

She added, “IMus lecturers really cares about their students’ progress. My journey with UCSI Institute of Music was definitely an honourable experience.”

Momo Rashman |  

Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.)

Momo spent three years at UCSI Institute of Music and shared that the time spent has not only made him a better musician, but also shaped him into a better person.

“I am very thankful that all my lecturers are supportive in making sure that I realise my full potential through hands-on experience and guidance for my future career. “ Momo is also a winner of multiple jazz competitions.

Lim Kwan Yee |  

Foundation in Music & Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)

Lim Kwan Yee is a Year 1 Classical Music degree student at UCSI University. She has won multiple awards at International Piano competitions.

“IMus has given me a fresh perspective on applying my practical musical knowledge that I have learned so far, and I have been inspired to delve further into my musical interests and at the same time discover new ones. Most importantly, being here gives me a sense of community and unified dedication with my peers, and I look forward to finishing the rest of my musical expedition here at UCSI Institute of Music.”

Alton Wong |  

Foundation in Music & Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.)

Alton is one of our first-class honours recipient and an alumnus of the US Department of State Global UGRAD Exchange Program. To him, he believes that IMus offers the most comprehensive music degree program in Malaysia. He mentioned how he could be learning bebop tunes and rehearsing symphonies in the same day, watching jaw-dropping recitals by renowned visiting musicians within the week, making music with the stellar faculty the next, while working on projects till the break of dawn with some of his closest friends! He then shared, the moments he has created with UCSI Institute of Music will always be an unforgettable one.

Chloe Chai |  

Diploma in Music Performance

Chloe is a degree student at the renowned Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore. She recently shared her experiences of studying at UCSI Institute of Music and mentioned it has truly been an eye-opening experience.

Here is more of what Chloe has to say as a former IMus student, “I went from not understanding music theory and ear training, to being able to apply them in my day-to-day playing today. With the increase of my musical knowledge and expanded circle of musical peers, my interest in music has grown tremendously.”

She added, although it was really unfortunate that her second year was spent mostly online due to the pandemic, but she was really grateful for the whole learning experience and sincerely appreciates the significant leap her lecturers have taken in transforming their physical lectures to virtual ones!

Brace Soon |  

Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.)

Currently the Founder and Principal of Artistar Music Academy, the UCSI Institute of Music has allowed him to explore his current musical interests in greater depth and numerous performing opportunities as a contemporary violinist. Brace also mentioned that his years with UCSI University and the supportive group of educators, as well as staffs were truly the best and one that he will always cherish!


Foundation In Arts

Currently studying Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Finance and Investment

The Foundation in Arts programme provided me with well-rounded exposure to many subjects. The environment was supportive and students were serious about their studies, from different backgrounds and were friendly. The study materials were also thorough and in-depth. 


Foundation In Arts

Currently studying Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Mass Communication

I enrolled into UCSI’s Foundation programme with cold feet. With the help and guidance of my lecturers and fellow peers, I was able to score well in all subjects and create lovely memories. They were not just a group lecturers and students but rather, a family of passionate and dedicated people. 


Foundation In Arts

Currently studying Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Science

My experience at UCSI was wonderful. Throughout my foundation journey, the thing I enjoyed the most was the infrastructure and environment of the beautiful campus and all the friendly people that I met. Undeniably, pursuing my tertiary education at UCSI was definitely a choice well-made.


Foundation In Arts

Currently studying Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Science and Finance

The thing I liked most about the foundation programme was having multiple electives from different fields to choose from. I was given the freedom to try out different classes like Introduction to Logistics and Web Development