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Daniel Yii Shiing Kai |  


I chose to pursue my master’s degree in the same university i.e. UCSI University due to its unique and flexible course structure. The MBA course here is an integration of Blue Ocean Strategy modules – the major differentiator from other MBA course provider. The lectures are organised after working hours and the selection of customised modules boldly underscore the flexibility of the course structure. In addition to this, UCSI University provides quality lecturers and excellent facilities that maximise my study experience. 

I choose to become a full-time student due to two main reasons: (1) affordable fees and I received MyMaster Scholarship from the government; and (2) to ensure a more comprehensive learning process. The benefit of full-time studying is the flexible learning experience. For example, I can meet with lecturers during office hours. However, the main challenge of studying full-time is the heavy workload but I believe this can be overcome through enhanced time management abilities.