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Yim Shanhui |  

Foundation in Music

Yim Shanhui is currently pursing her Foundation in Music at the Institute of Music, UCSI University. She is a Gold Award recipient of the Malaysia Arts Festival 2020 and the Bangkok International Piano Competition (BIPC 2020). She has also performed at the Menuhin Hall in the UK and at CCTV New Year’s Gala 2020.

“IMus has cultivated a wide range of courses and a welcoming environment for students to delve deeply into their musical interest while also assisting them in discovering new ones. The enthusiastic faculty members are willing to spare their time to provide us with academic and pastoral support, and I have gained a lot of confidence and experience through these opportunities.”

Emily Tiow |  

Foundation in Music & Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)

As an active orchestral musician performing for numerous orchestras in Malaysia such as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), Kuala Lumpur City Opera (KLCO), KLPac Orchestra, PenangPac Orchestra and Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra, Emily shared that IMus has shaped her into a well-rounded musician.

She added that the academic courses have also taught her a lot of practical knowledge, and shared how she misses being able to rush for assignment deadlines or exploring a wide range of repertoire in chamber music and orchestra classes.

Meldy Tanako |  

Foundation in Music & Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)

Currently a Doctoral Candidate majoring in Performance and Pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma, Meldy shared that IMus has had the reputation for being the gold standard in music academia and industry in the region for more than 31 years.

Here is what Meldy Tanako has to say as a former IMus student, “I was privileged to have been admitted to the music programs, and my time as a student there has been nothing short of wonderful. The faculty has also played a significant role in supporting my growth as a pianist. I hope that students pursuing their tertiary musical education will take the opportunity to complete their degree at IMus.”

Meldy is a recipient of the R. Clarke Mullen Piano Endowment Fund, and was the recipient of the Spring 2020 Alumni Association Outstanding Master’s Graduate Award at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Elmer Ho |  

Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.)

As a game music composer and music producer, Elmer’s biggest career highlight includes the creation of game music on Nintendo Switch, Dragon Marked for Death. Recently, Elmer collaborated with The Company Man by Forust Studio to produce Tiger Shark, a TS Reset Limited HK anime and a new Steam released game.

Here is what Elmer has to say as a former IMus student,  “IMus has solid syllabi and great facilities that contributed to students’ creative process of music making. As an alumni the impression I have of IMus remains unchanged until today. I still remember all the awesome lecturers who were there to help me along the way, thank you!”

Eric Tiow |  

Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)

Currently a Brass Instructor in Melaka, Eric is attached to Kolej Yayasan Saad. He shared that his experience studying at the Institute of Music was one of the most significant phases in his life.

He added, “IMus has not only given me opportunities to perform and learn from professionals of the music industry, but also thought me the roles and responsibilities of a musician for the society. I am extremely grateful and will deeply treasure all the connections and memories I have made there, and will always be proud to be a part of the IMus family.”

Eric was the selected member of the Asian Youth Orchestra back in 2017.

Crinkle Cut |  

Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.)

Crinkle Cut is an all-female indie band that are made up of 4 graduates from the Institute of Music programme at UCSI University. Namely Frances Tsen (voice major, class of 2016), Melissa Wong (guitar major, class of 2017), Ashley Choong (piano major, class of 2013), and Grace Foo (piano major, class of 2015).

With more than 6,840 monthly listeners on Spotify, Crinkle Cut shared that it is no secret they were born and nurtured on the grounds of UCSI University.

They added, “We will always be thankful for the supportive group of educators that has opened up all the connections for us today and moving forward, which also led to our first experience in the Malaysian music industry.”

Some of their achievements are as the Finalist of Anugerah Lagu Indie 2020, and Final 2018 Nominees for Best Collaboration, Best Pop Song, Best Genrebender, Best Female Act and Best New Act at the VIMA.

Andrea Sim |  

Foundation in Music & Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)

Andrea Sim pursed both her foundation studies and undertook a bachelor’s degree at the UCSI Institute of Music.

Currently the Conductor and Music Director of The KLPAC String Orchestra, Andrea shared how greatly she has benefited from the exposure of different courses and performance opportunities from IMus.

She added, “IMus prepared me well for my current working experience as a performer and a teacher. Also, it excites me as the IMus community continues to be part of my professional experience. In every concert I have performed at, there has always been a faculty member or a fellow alumni there making music alongside me.”

Li Yifei |  

Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.)

Currently a member of the award-winning band JusFun 绝世房客, Li Yifei shared that she had learned a lot as a student at UCSI Institute of Music.

Here is what Li Yifei has to say as a former IMus student, “I was equipped with knowledge and experience to work in the music industry that we are in today. All of the courses studied have shaped me into a better musician by allowing me to develop my personal sound. This has certainty opened up more possibilities for me.”

Li Yifei also mentioned that her years with IMus taught her lifelong learning skills that she can apply in her daily life after graduation, and thanked IMus for shaping her into who she is today.

Ch’ng Le Hui |  

Foundation in Music & Bachelor of Classical Music (Hons.)

As a first-class honours recipient, Ch’ng Le Hui shared that her time at IMus was life changing.

“My peers were so welcoming, and the faculty was always enthusiastically supporting students with incredible opportunities to partake at performances, masterclass, and competitions across the university.”

She then added, “It is hard to express in words how amazing it is to be a part of the community, and I believe I had the best four years of my life. Thank you so much IMus!”

Quek Shio Yee |  

Foundation in Music & Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.)

Quek Shio Yee pursed her foundation studies and undertook a bachelor’s degree at the UCSI Institute of Music.

“Although I was classically trained growing up, I have learned so much from the Contemporary Music programme. The best part of the journey for me was the wonderful people I met from whom I have learned some of the most valuable lessons in life. I am forever thankful.”

Some of her career achievements are recognised locally and internationally, and to name one of her recent achievement; The 2020 AIM Chinese Music Award Best New Artist and Best Drama/Movie Theme Song recipient. Quek Shio Yee shared that with all her knowledge and experience gained, she is currently contributing to the local music industry by producing a handful of original albums and singles.