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The Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts offers programmes at the certificate, foundation and degree levels in the disciplines of Mass Communication, Social Science, Psychology, English Language & Communication, and Education. The Faculty focuses on industry-relevant programme in the areas of mass communication, journalism and broadcasting. It provides up-to-date psychology courses that cover masters in psychology and psychology degree as well. Detailed information on the programmes and facilities supporting the teaching, learning, research, scholarly and creative activities are available in the relevant sections....

Our vibrant, dedicated and creative team of faculty academics are committed to innovation and excellence in teaching and research for the development of intellectual and creative resources. Various innovative teaching and learning methodologies with a student-centred approach are adopted such as lectures, tutorials, group discussions, problem-based learning, oral presentations, practical / hands-on laboratory / studio sessions, team-based approaches, self-directed learning and Co-Operative placement / internship programmes. Students gain exposure to relevant industrial areas via external field trips. These include, among others, the Malaysian Parliament, radio and television broadcasting centres and art / design galleries. Guest lecture series and industry talks and workshops are conducted regularly to support the students' professional development.

With a supportive and conducive learning environment, our Faculty aspires to produce industry-ready graduates who possess transferable and employable skills and are able to spearhead their careers nationally and internationally in mass communication. Staff and students from our Faculty are also actively engaged in research, scholarly and creative activities with opportunities for collaboration / networking with strategic partners.


Vision & Mission

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (FOSSLA) is committed to equip students with a flexible learning environment through impactful courses, interdisciplinary projects, international academic workshops, symposiums, seminars and conferences. FOSSLA aims to ensure that our graduates achieve academic excellence and rewarding careers through our programmes, by inspiring them to engage in culturally diverse settings.
The Faculty is committed to innovation and excellence in teaching and research for the development of intellectual and creative resources, producing lifelong learning graduates who meet national and global human resources requirements and the socio-economic development needs of the community.

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