Assistant Professor Dr Kushagra Khanna

Assistant Professor | Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
Bachelor of Pharmacy

Areas of Interest
Pain Management, Pharmaceutical Technology
Conventional Dosage Forms, Novel Drug delivery system
Radiotagging of drug/excipients
Decontamnation & Decorporation of radionuclides
CBRN Disaster
Professional Bodies Membership

  • Life Member of Indian Association for Radiation Protection
  • Life member of India Pharmaceutical Association


Supervision: (Current student on top, followed by completed. Example shown below)

Master students (Current)

Xia Linkang


Undergraduate students (Current)

Kaw Zi Suen

Lok Zixin

Kiew Poh Yee



1. Khanna K, Karwasra R, Choudhary S, Sharma D, Sharma N, Nagpal P, Chorsiya V, Nishad DK, Popli H, Bhatnagar A. (2020)  Submental nalbuphine exhibits improved effcacy in ameliorating acute pain in  prehospital  emergent conditions; a comparative study with conventional intramuscular using gamma. Journal of Injury 51(9):1970-1978

2. Kumar M, Nishad DK, Kumar A, Bhatnagar A, Karwasra R, Khanna K, Keerthana S, Sharma D, Dua K, Mudaliyar V, Sharma N. (2020) Enhancement in brain uptake of vitamin D3 nanoemulsion for treatment of cerebral ischemia: formulation, gamma scintigraphy and effcacy study in transient middle cerebral artery occlusion rat models. Journal of Microencapsulation. 37(7):492-501.

3. Karwasra R, Fatihi S, Raza K, Singh S, Khanna K, Sharma S, Sharma S, Varma S (2020) Filgrastim loading in PLGA and SLN nanoparticulate system: a bioinformatics approach.  Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy. 46(8):1354-1361

4. Khanna K, Sharma N, Rawat S, Khan N, Karwasra N, Hasan N, Kumar A, Jain GK, Nishad DK, Khanna S, Popli H, Bhatnagar A  (2021). Intranasal solid lipid nanoparticles for management of pain:  A full factorial design approach, characterization & Gamma Scintigraphy. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids. 236, 1050-60

5. Grover P, Khanna K, Bhatnagar A, Purkayastha J. (2021). In vivo-wound healing studies of sodium thiosulfate gel in rats” Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 140, 111797.

6. Hasan N, Imran M, Kesharwani P, Khanna K, Karwasra R, Sharma N, Rawat S, Sharma D, Ahmad FJ, Jain GK, Bhatnagar A, Talegaonkar S (2021). Intranasal delivery of Naloxone-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles as a  promising  simple  and  non-invasive approach for the management of opioid overdose. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 599, 1204-28

7. Sharma AK, Shukla SK, Kalonia A, Shaw P, Khanna K, Yashavarddhan MH, Gupta R, Bhatnagar A (2022). Evaluation of Decontamination Effcacy of Electrolytically Generated Hypochlorous Acid for the Vesicating Agent: A Multimodel Study. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. 23(2):287-299.

8. Kumar A, Sah DK, Khanna K, Rai Y, Yadav AK, Ansari MS, Bhatt AN. (2023) A calcium and zinc composite alginate hydrogel for pre-hospital hemostasis and wound care, Carbohydrate Polymer. 299:120-186.

9. Kumari R, Sharma N, Karwasra R, Khanna K. Colon cancer and their targeting approaches through nanocarriers: A review. 2023 Asian Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. 13(3):104-111

10. Sharma S, Sharma N, Sharma A, kurmi BD, Khanna K, Karwasra R, Singh AK, Choudhary A. (2023) Amelioration of experimental colitis by a site-specific novel plant polysaccharide (Opuntia ficusindica) based macroparticles contains probiotic biomass and mesalazine. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 86, 1047-63

Awards and Recognitions

  • Received Grant for innovative idea in health related problems from DPSRU
  • Awarded Senior Research Fellowship from Defence Research and Development Organization, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.
  • Received prestigious fellowship from Pharmaceutical Industry Rusan Pharma Ltd Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India for Outstanding academic achievement and excellence
  • Received Project fellowship from Azista Industries Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India