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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has an established track record since year 2000 in offering the pharmacy course, pharmacy degree and other areas relater to pharmaceutical science. The Faculty offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with emphasis on serving the community. It has collaborations with hospitals, community pharmacies, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industries.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) degree plus a master of pharmacy, namely the Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (mixed mode) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Pharmaceutical Sciences.... In 2017, the Faculty launched the Master in Pharmaceutical Technology and Master in Clinical Pharmacy Practice (mixed mode). The Faculty boasts dedicated academic staff, cutting-edge teaching and research facilities with seven fully equipped teaching laboratories and a research laboratory.



The Faculty aims to nurture students who will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and practical skills within the four disciplines of the programme, i.e. physiology and pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology and clinical pharmacy,
  • demonstrate effective communication skills,
  • demonstrate appropriate research skills in pharmacy,
  • demonstrate acceptable values, ethics and professionalism,
  • contribute to the social and public health responsibilities,
  • demonstrate innovative and creative thinking in health-care issues,
  • identify lifelong continuous professional learning and self-improvement.


Vision & Mission

To nurture graduates of the highest calibre to positively impact the national and global health care.
  • To assemble a team of qualified and competitive graduates.
  • To provide a platform of research and development for students and staff.
  • To instil ethics and professionalism as core values.
  • To advocate an innovative and holistic educational experience.
  • To nurture teamwork, leadership and social responsibility skills.
  • To inculcate lifelong deep-learning among students and staff.

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Did You Know

93% of our lecturers receive 'EXCELLENT' - the highest rating - scores by our students in annual reviews. They are leading researchs in their own right and receives multiple research grants each year. This is the quality you can expect at UCSI.

91% of UCSI Pharmacy graduates stated that they performed well in their first pharmacy jobs.

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