• Special Instruments Room

    A facility that has high end laboratory equipments to further analyze, quantify and detect elements in the pharmaceutical compound prepared

  • Animal Holding Room

    A facility to temporarily house laboratory animals for hands on physiological and pharmacological practicals on live animals

  • Simulated Clean Room

    Simulated Clean Room

    A facility that mimics the clean room facilities available in pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, allowing students to practice and learn the necessary skills of aseptic preparation of pharmaceutical compounds.

  • Simulated Community Pharmacy Lab

    This lab was specifically designed for students to practice their skills in patient counselling and medication dispensing as pharmacists in training.

  • Physiology and Pharmacology Lab

    This Lab provides students the equipment and opportunities to explore disease mechanisms, new pharmacological tools and new medications.

  • Pharmacy Practice Lab

    The Pharmacy Practice Lab is used by students to practice and master their drug compounding and preparation skills in various dosage forms, including the injectables before entering the workforce. A new cleanroom facility is included in this lab.

  • Pharmacy Project Lab

    This lab is used to train students on the technology of drug formulation, formulation evaluation and quality assurance of drugs. UCSI pharmacy students have the option of undertaking a research project and this lab was purpose built to facilitate that.

  • Pharmacy Postgraduate Lab

    A dedicated Pharmacy Postgraduate Lab was launched in 2011 to facilitate cutting-edge research. The lab is equipped with advanced facilities like high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), and UV-Visible spectrometer, among others.