Dr Ravishankar

Assistant Professor Dr Ravishankar Ram Mani

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Biomedical Genetics
MSc. in Biochemistry
BSc. in Biochemistry

Professional Bodies Membership

2005–2010, North American Association of Obesity Research (NAASO)

2013-2019, American Society for Microbiology (ASM)

Research Area

  • Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoproteomics, Immuno Pharmacology.
  • CRISPR/Cas9 technology in genome editing. Specifically, I can design targeting and validation strategies for creation of mutant mice and other organisms (happy to work on non-model organisms), for example, a gene knockout by introducing a stop codon, an N-terminus GFP fusion, or introduction of a short mutation like a SNP or HA tag.


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Journal Reviewers

2005–2010, Indian Counsel of Medical Research (ICMR) Grant Peer Review Committee

2014–Present, BMC Journal (Invited for peer Review).

2017 – 2018, Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry Journal (Invited for peer Review).

2018 – PLoS ONE (Invited for peer Review).

2020 - Present, World Journal of Surgical Oncology (Invited for peer Review)

2020 – Present, Journal of Gynecology and Women Healthcare (JGWH) (Invited for peer Review)

Awards and Recognitions

• Indian Council of Medical Research, Junior & Senior Research Fellowship Grant – A study towards molecular screening in women with PCOD from Chennai base population – Estimation of ob protein (Serum Leptin) obmRNA expression in obese subjects; Role: Junior Research Fellow & Senior Research Fellow; Year: 23.02.2004 to 22.02.2006 (Supervisor: Malathi Raghunathan); Field of Research: Biomedical Sciences; Source of Funding: ICMR, Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India, New Delhi (Award No. 45/9/03/JRF/SRF 2004– BMS, 07/01/04).

Other achievements (examples shown below)

  • External examiner (dissertation)
  • External international grant reviewer