Professor Ooi Among the World’s Top Productive and Influential Authors

UCSI University’s Professor Dr Ooi Keng Boon has received two outstanding recognitions; one as the World’s Top 5 Most Productive and Influential authors (currently ranked #4) in the journal ‘Industrial Management & Data Systems’ (IMDS) over the past 25 years (1994-2019) in Web of Science and the other as the World’s Top 50 Most Productive and Influential authors (currently ranked #42) in the research discipline of ‘Knowledge Management’.

As per the Journal Citation Report 2018 (Thomson ISI-Web of Science also known as Clarivate Analytics), Industrial Management & Data Systems (IMDS) is ranked as a Quartile 1 journal in the categories of “Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications” and “Engineering, Industrial”, with an impact factor of 3.727.

IMDS publishes excellent practitioner-oriented articles. This recognition was based on an article entitled “The Evolution of Industrial Management & Data Systems over the past 25 years: A bibliometric overview”, by Wang et al., (2019) Vol. 119, Issue 1, pp. 2-34.

Prof Ooi is the only Malaysian author in the list and has published 14 well-received practitioner-oriented articles that attract citation counts. This also means that his research investigates contemporary issues that are closely related to the industry practitioners in the real world.

"I am thrilled to receive this recognition. IMDS is a well-recognised Quartile 1 international journal that is indexed to the Science Citation Index Expanded, which means that it attracts authors from different nations. Publishing in IMDS is a challenging process and getting this recognition implies that my research is well-received,” said Prof Ooi.

“Some scholars might able to stress on the “quantity” side, but not on the “quality” aspect. Being one of the most productive and influential authors in IMDS reveals that I am able to strike a balance between “quantity” and “quality”,” he added.

The second recognition was as one of the World’s Top 50 Most Productive and Influential authors (currently ranked #42) from 1961 to 2015 in the research discipline of Knowledge Management in Web of Science.

The recognition was based on article entitled “Knowledge management: A global examination based on bibliometric analysis”, published in Technological Forecasting & Social Change (Elsevier, SSCI, JCR-2018, IF = 3.815 (Q1 Journal) by Magaly Gaviria-Marin et al., (2019), 140, pp. 194-220. Please see Table 8 below:

Source: Magaly Gaviria-Marina, José M. Merigób and Hugo Baier-Fuentes (2019), “Knowledge management: A global examination based on bibliometric analysis”, 140 (2019), pp. 194-220 (Elsevier; SSCI; JCR-2018, IF = 3.815)

“Being recognised as one of the World’s Top 50 Most Productive and Influential authors is indeed rewarding for me. This confirms that my efforts spent in the past are now recognised at an international level. Also, this urges me to work harder in the future in order to be ranked higher,” mentioned Prof Ooi.

“Such recognition shows that UCSI is now a university that stresses on research activities apart from teaching. Research activities and impact factors for example, h-index and citations per faculty carry a great portion of weightage when it comes to university rankings such as the QS World University Rankings,” said Prof Ooi.

“I hope that this recognition will uplift the university even further. The recognition could also attract international postgraduate students who are interested in the area of knowledge management to enrol at UCSI. The International student ratio matters for both faculty and university as it is also one of the components of university rankings,” he added.

According to Prof Ooi, the motivation behind his research activities is mainly attributed to his constant quest for new knowledge and the motivation to share this within the research community.

“I believe that this motivation of mine comes from the being able to bring my research to a publishable quality, subsequently earning me this recognition. Editors of the international journals that are indexed to Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index only consider publishing new and exciting knowledge,” remarked Prof Ooi.

 “I would like to thank my family for sincerely supporting me throughout the course of my research. Also, not forgetting the co-authors whom I have been working closely with. I have definitely learned a lot from these passionate researchers” he shared.

For Prof Ooi, other than the constant quest for knowledge, one has to be willing to learn. He quoted the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. Prof Ooi emphasised that “we are in a learning process every day, so do not refrain from learning something that is new and always be hungry for new knowledge.”

“For students who are interested in research, I would urge them to take active initiatives to be involved in research by approaching the lecturers who are close to them. My colleagues are more than happy to assist by getting students involved in their research activities, that is, if students are highly enthusiastic about research,” he concluded.

To date, Prof Ooi has published more than 90 research papers in the Thomson Web of Science journals and has a Scopus H-index score of 40 and Harzing’s H-index score of 54 after receiving more than 8,600 citations.  He is the recipient of Malaysia’s Distinguished Researcher Award by the Private Education Co-operative of Malaysia in 2019. He was also awarded the Malaysia’s Research Star Award (MRSA) in 2018 presented by both Malaysia’s Ministry of Education and Clarivate Analytics (UK).


Below is a list of articles on Professor Ooi’s recent awards and recognitions:

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